Core Activities
19th February, 2014


Mwanamke na Akiba

Mwanamke na Akiba Event

Mwanamke na Akiba event was the first of the long series of events that Angels’ Moment plans to organize women in Tanzania. This event was held on 19th to 21st of February, 2014 at Darlive-Mbagala.

The event aimed to educate, create awareness and increase coverage among women in the areas of personal savings, social protection, financial inclusion, and income growth.

Objectives of the Event

This event plans to achieve the following objectives:

  • To stimulate building of the culture of savings among women and the understanding of different ways of savings;
  • To increase the number of women in the social security coverage;
  • To sensitive women on the best way they can use savings for short, mid, and long-term benefits;
  • To emancipate women from abject poverty;
  • through increased savings, investment, and income.

In realizing these objectives, the following immediate goals were also sought;

We brought together different stakeholders and find a way of helping women in building and increasing their savings.

We provided a platform for debates and discussions about the different ways and strategies of increasing women literacy and access to various channels of formal savings.
We shared and learned about practices and case studies in the areas of women savings and women development.
We provided an opportunity for event sponsors to advertised their activities, promote their brands and corporate identities, as well as increasing their exposure to a wider reach across Tanzania Women.


The event was attracted more than 20 exhibitors and about an audience of more than 1,000 people.